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Something reminded me of Graal yesterday and I thought I'd check the forums to see what was up and wow! Looks like a lot of progress has been made on bringing back 2k1/Bomy Island! I am super excited to see where this project will go. I checked out the server and noticed a few bugs:

When I leave the train my character gets stuck and "unstick me" doesn't help. It sends me back to the starting point but I still can't move. It only gets fixed by a relog.

Bread baking seems to have some problems. Bako doesn't say anything when I go up to him and I don't see the scythe on the ground (is it supposed to be on the ground?). When I use the scythe my character's body goes naked and there is no head until I move. Also you can't see the wheat above your head after you get it and are walking around. The naked body thing also happens when I use the roller. When I go to get the bread stack it shows I have it but when I move it goes away so I can't pick up my rolled dough to put in the oven. Lastly, the timer on the rolled dough seems really fast to switch to no owner (seems to be about 15 seconds).

These are the only things I've found so far but I hope the baking gets fixed soon so I can check out all of the other stuff! Awesome job guys!
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