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Ok quick update covering what's been recently done here.

>added cave tileset and retiled caves/mines near crafting area
>added a "hit effect" to mine rocks when they are hit by an axe
>also added a new sound effect for when mine rocks are hit (my first time making sfx!)
>added progress bars to crafting and baking jobs (replaces text showing %)
>re-added hp bar for mining axes so you know how long you have until it breaks
>added new say3 sign system and updated multiple signs, more to come
>updated mining bomb seller to have a multiple choice question for buying bombs (instead of text "buy bomb" command, but you can still use the command)
>updated farming areas to use new apple tree farming script/graphics
>Skyld completely rescripted the time system to be much more elegant and easy to manipulate things like scheduled events, seasons, am/pm time period detection, player login timing, etc
>Skyld also redid the day/night lighting effects
>he also updated the mining shop seller to use the new time system
>he updated window lighting effect to change depending on time
>he updated the player's health bar to sync much more reliably for all players who can see it, to make stuff like sparring better
>finally figured out Eye of the Beholder's weather system, and last night I wrote a quick database which will hold functions that control any weather that occurs

For anyone interested, I am going to see if I have enough time to work on a Christmas theme for Bomboria. There will ultimately be seasons and multiple scheduled events or holidays like Christmas, Graaloween, etc. It will be sort of similar to Animal Crossing, though that's unfair to the original devs of 2k1 considering they technically did it first.

If you want to see how the weather handling script is functioning, you can log in now and see the snow effect which randomly builds/declines and sometimes stops snowing. Also there will be Christmas lights in Bomboria at night time and Manny is looking festive.
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