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Post How to get access to the Testbed Server


Testbed is btw a classic-enabled server. You need a gold or a classic subscription to develop on Testbed!

How: You contact one of these persons: Chompy, Tigairius, DrakilorP2P, Xor

I, myself, usually check once or twice a day for private messages here on the forums.
You may also contact us outside these forums if you have our contact info. (updated contact information may come)

This is what you need to provide:
  • Account name
  • Community name (if account name = Graal######)
  • Personal Message, a notice, request, anything you want/need us to know etc

Your IP will be set to *.*.*.* unless specified in your PM.
If your IP is set to *.*.*.* it will automatically set your IP to your current IP when you first login.

You can then later ask us to add a PCID (If you know your PCID already, tell us in your PM) for your RemoteControl access.

Basic rule before you ask for access:
  • You're not allowed to develop a server on Testbed !!!

If you have any questions, problems or anything else regarding Testbed, please feel free to PM me or any of the others.

To keep your access, follow the rules. The rules can be read in a text document uploaded to a folder everyone has access to. (docu/rules.txt and docu/!guidelines.txt)


I'm also available on msn/email @ chompinator(at)hotmail(dot)com

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