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Originally Posted by Jakov_the_Jakovasaur View Post

in the provided example you are checking to see if the first parameter is "place" yet the one parameter which is defined is "dmg", in that case i dont see how an npc should be placed to begin with. i can only assume this is a mistake with the example

the reason the npcs chat would be "0" though is because there simply are no parameters within the onCreated event on the npc object itself

you can actually write the npcs chat at the same time you create it like so:

PHP Code:
temp.npc this.level.putNPC2(player.xplayer.y+1""/*params[1]*/); //3rd parameter here is supposed to be the npcs script, but you are joining a class externally anyway params[1]; 
also just a note that although it might work through some quirk, it doesnt really make sense to be using 'this.level' serverside within a weapon object, it makes more sense to use 'player.level'

I just fixed my thread post...
The "dmged" was a typo.. I rewrite some stuff to make it easier to read on forums.. I just forgot to change that.

With that being said, I want to do the chat within the "class" script. Not in the creation of the NPC.

So I would need a
PHP Code: params[1]; 
But it doesn't recognize params[1]... THAT'S my issue

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