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Originally Posted by Jesper View Post
Very Very Very good idea, but its better to make a new healing item.
Okay I'm going to point out the reason why cookies were removed, it was removed due to people thinking we already had med kits which was more then enough of a 'healing item' and i believe that its still more then enough since we do actually have a medic class which is playable and i'd like to mention that they said 'cookies are being removed not REPLACED' so bringing in a 'new healing item' is basically make a replacement for the cookie. Correct? (meaning that if you were to make a new healing item it would contradict the fact that you guys clearly stated that cookies were going to be removed all together not be replaced by another item)
Originally Posted by Huwajux View Post
The pistols look like they have cancer, reduce the big buboe shaped thing's size.

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