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Vartas has a little shameless behaviour in the past
Red face Event's Master Application

Account Name: Vartas (Graal742652)

Most Used Player Name: Vartas

Online Time: 1258 Hours

Available Time: +2 Hours per day

Time Online: 1500 - 2100 (Servertime)

Do you have a Gold Subscription: Yes

Why you would like to be an Event Master: For my reason I would like to say, that idlling in Bomboria pushed me to this decision, because i would like to do something, i thinked i would be perfect as EM, btw. I can offer many things as EM, but only if i get a chance to prove it. I wouldnt host any kind of Events if theres not enough players online. I would pick votes from the players, which game/event should i host, and as last i would be fair.

How you can help the community if you become and Event Master: I wouldnt put at this moment some brilliant ideas about new events i would like that the older Events, like Labyrinth, Ice Hockey, or even Soccer, should get back in action. It might be not able for now, but im pretty sure in the future it will be possible. But if u really want to see some of new ideas ill give u what u want.

1. More Kingdom Events like CTF or Kingdom PvP even castle defense (just for fun and prizes )

2. Hiding prizes in dungeon or even putting them under the ground near known places

The rest of ideas will come with time.

Thanks for Reading (and wasting Your time on this)

Vartas Storm
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