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Criminals Treasure

Ahoy mates! I've been digging around thru the castle (castle is dry of rum by the way, we need ta fix that!) and found some documents from long ago. They say that in our past there was some mutiny among our ranks, and it seems most of them took a piece of our vast treasure at the time.

Now, since then we've recovered the chests they put the treasure in, but the keys are still to be found to open the otherwise impenetrable locks from the old world. This is rumored to be great treasure inside, else i'd just ask one of the gunners to shoot 'em up. We have plenty of treasures to find, so get yer equipment ready an' get ready to go huntin'!


The events will be split into multiple parts over time, perhaps this could be a weekly or semi-weekly occurrence for us. There will be plenty of opportunities to win prizes, and hopefully you'll all have fun finding the treasure

Each of the legendary (or not so legendary) pirates has a trademark treasure, sometimes you can figure out what it is by the name, other times not.

I'm going to put a few of the Treasure Chests that require keys in a unlocked house, so once you find a key you can go in and claim your treasure. Remember to check in with me though and return the key. I'll post the dates of each treasure hunt in this thread and mass it out on GK every now and then a while before the hunt starts.


Dismissed mates, thank 'ye for lissenin!

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