Thread: Lag on NPulse?
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Originally Posted by Xecutor
Certain weapon, perhaps
I'm thinking the same that it might be just 2 items that are wickedly adding some lag to some peoples clients.

Originally Posted by ETD
It's the ungodly amount of scripts in that spar center ...
The spar center I agree is loaded with crap and just isn't a place I would ever use as a place to spar. My other reason for not really using it comes down to the level design sucks.

Originally Posted by Malinko
Hm, why not? Thought you were NAT there or so?
Staff issues mostly will turn off anyone from wanting to do it. Then the number of scripts and people with access to NC to upload crap. People using toweapons pisses me off also. A few other things that are self-explanatory with management decisions. Just take a look at the way the manager moderates this forums and then you could picture how that server is managed.
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