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Originally Posted by Emera View Post
Tell me more...
I have windows 7 and I really want to run linux.
Can you forum PM me more info please?
When I installed Loonix I did like the OT, and I installed it off a USB drive. However, on Arch you'll probably end up having to install the gnome shell via the terminal which can be painful. Not to mention the fact that there will be numerous drivers to update. However, it is possible.

The best way is to install Ubuntu/Mint are off a USB drive, though (regardless of what distro you install). Comparing Linux distros is like comparing apples to oranges.

Also you can shrink the volume of your main drive to make some space for your dual boot as well. (Win 7 - > Computer - > Manage - > Shrink Volume). If you want to remove it afterwards just use Gparted to uninstall the distro and allocate that space back to your main drive. (Don't delete the partition!)

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