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Originally Posted by Gothika View Post
But nowhere did it ever state that only 2 people were being hired in the team. The news team recently lost Nat, Chris and SN so hiring only 2 trial members still leaves a gap in the team for perhaps one or two more additions. In any case if someone really badly wanted the job, they wouldn't just give up as soon as someone gets hired thinking their chance is gone. I really do urge everyone who has been put off from applying because of what happened to seriously reconsider and put in an application.

Forgive me but I am having a hard time trying to not take this whole debate personally. But I am, I am getting the feeling that people don't think that myself or RegretZ have what it takes to this job.
Agreed, the tone is easily detectable. Although people may not think they're insulting people, they are technically criticizing Felix's decision, and so therefore us also.