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Originally Posted by Felix_Xenophobe View Post
The way I see it content like events/new areas/whatever isn't really the issue at this point. Most players who are active today have been playing on and off for at least a few years. With the recent updates (past 2 years ish) the power creep of gear level and exp level has been ridiculous.

GK doesn't have much besides the crazy exp curve and stat/gear maxing. The exp power creep started when easter maps were released and continued when Xmas dungeon was released. Both were obviously unbalanced in terms of exp gain.

Gear power creep has been going on since german kru were mobbin it up but it skyrocketed last christmas and easter. Since stats are soft capped at 30 and hard capped at 33~ any gear piece that 1-ups the last one will make 30 30 30 more realistically attainable. Since xmas and easter 1 upped or introduced pieces with equal stats to previously rare items it caused an influx of players with capped or close to capped melee and caster stats.

What happens when people beat the only form of end-game the server has to offer? People get bored. Then they leave.

Making higher end leveling and gearing too easy effectively cut a good year or two off GK's lifespan (inb4 hurr graal pc will die sooner dan dat bro).

My opinion brody. Agree or disagree idgaf. Posted from my commodore64 so i didnt proof read

You're honestly right the new Easter and Christmas items are far to overpowered The exp for both holidays have been outrageous. Though in general there's just nothing to do that catches the players attention any more. However when the new monthly prize system was first brought into the economy it had a lot of people motivated and intrested after 2 months the player count just went back downhill. Personally I believe that just every month is just far to much most people cannot get on twice for 2 hours everyday. I'm almost sure a great percentage of people would rather bi-weekly or monthly events instead of this prize system.