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Poker Functions

Well, haven't released something for a long time, so I guess it's time again?

I did have a little problem using the original pokereval() function for my poker game, so I decided I had to make my own!

Anyways, here's some examples of usage:

PHP Code:
function onCreated() {
temp.table = {
temp.player1 = {"spades_queen""spades_10"};
temp.player2 = {"spades_3""spades_7"};
temp.eval1 pokereval(tableplayer1); // royalflush,A
temp.eval2 pokereval(tableplayer2); // flush,"A,K,J,7,3"
  //Lets find the winner? Eh?
echo(printableWinnerOutput({eval1eval2})); // Winner is: Player 1 with a royalflush

PHP Code:
function onCreated() {
temp.table = {

temp.player1 = {"hearts_2""spades_7"};
temp.player2 = {"spades_jack""diamonds_queen"};
temp.eval1 pokereval(tableplayer1); // highcard,7
temp.eval2 pokereval(tableplayer2); // straight,A
  //Lets find the winner? Eh?

echo(printableWinnerOutput({eval1eval2})); // Winner is: Player 2 with a straight

( If you need help or a better description of one of the functions, just say so in a post below or by PMing me)

Script: pokerfunctions v1.0.txt


1.0: - Initial release

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