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Originally Posted by MiniOne View Post
Dude aus dollars are worth more like right now i think its $1.25 for each US so now its like $36 for a year PAY FAST if you live in aus (i may have my facts wrong because i didnt actually pay much attention to the news)
xD but ya it was or is like $60 Aus because of the exchange rates and it was only 40 back then because the rates were more even with the US/Euro whatever currency is required for graal back then.

Euros are worth alot these days compared to other currencies (reason why prices are so high in countries who don't use Euros and the US dollar)
Haha you actually mean the AUS dollar is worthless right now.
Originally Posted by Elizabeth
..i check every server list every day about 5 times each day, to see whos online.
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