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Nobody's saying anything bad about Zao or any manager. No idea where you got that from.

What i'm trying to get at is.. A way that players can come together and stand up to the manager if they believe they aren't delivering what they want. We can't stick with the same manager forever. They have things they will never change that players want changed. Different managers = different beliefs/changes.

Constant change on era is what is needed to keep them entertained. It's a game after-all, not real life. People play games to be entertained, not to play happy families and live a life.

@Stephens idea, i really like it. Could it be implemented?

Edit: The idea behind this is to also keep managers on their toes. They know if they don't deliver and run things professionally as they can then they know they will get bad rep/no votes etc. This will keep them working.

Just because things are being released doesn't mean it's coming from Zao. How many projects has he worked on, did he help with you? Just because he give you permission to do it, doesn't mean he should get credit for it? Does he lead any projects etc?

I'm not saying he doesn't, but like i said; just because content is being released doesn't mean it's coming or being directed from him.
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