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Originally Posted by Kohola_KinG View Post
@Bluemelon.. I honestly disagree about the 'having balls to be the manager'. If you have good plans and determination then i see no reason why you wouldn't go ahead and deliver them.
From personal relationships, and just some observation... only 1 (Ice) of the past 5 Managers (Zach, MD, Fidel, Ice, Zao) actually wanted/did anything with the position beyond babysitting it. And he ended up with the shortest run of them all since he just wanted the admin powers without being accountable (his current position).

Blue said no a couple times IIRC, pretty sure I'm the only one recently who has actually asked/had ambition to do it -- but that's a no-no. Everyone else they pushed into it, 'cept Ice who texted Gabriel.

Originally Posted by shrimps View Post
This probably wouldn't work, too many people would troll/pollute the system, like the support center, too much trash goes in there it just clogs the system and it doesn't get used.
I agree with this. Only a small portion of the server has any respectable opinions (that aren't totally troll) when it comes to the administration. I'd give you mine, but then I'd probably get a deleted post or a lecture.
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