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Originally Posted by fowlplay4 View Post
Bug: Screen doesn't update/stops.

Graal Script Code:
TimeSat Jan 30 19:06:41 2010
win 6.1 7600 

DirectX9 capabilities
-Power of 2 texturesyes
  Maximum texure size
8192 x 8192

Graphics card
DescriptionATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
  Driver version 

1. Start-up Graal.
2. Ctrl-Alt-Delete
3. Start Task-Manager (or anything else really.)

How to Fix: Resize the window, and it'll return to normal.

Anyone else experience this?
Yeah, I get this. It also happens if you minimise to the taskbar, then bring it back up. Same effect, but black screen.

Also, someone mentioned it above, but right clicking (and single left clicking) seems to open PM windows from the Playerlist making it pretty much impossible to select an option from the right click menu, if you even manage to bring it up. What I'm noticing though is that when I'm going from Login to Login2, the Playerlist opens and closes multiple times as if it is fighting with another version of the Playerlist.

Edit: The above is because the Playerlist Tig was working on has been moved to Login (Confirmed). Going to Login2 seems to be trying to force the playerlists to replace each other, essentially creating 2 copies of them fused into 1, but that should be fixed soon.
To avoid this: Just don't go to Login2 anymore.
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