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PHP Code:

/* Loops through a given wordlist
    First checks if the current word in the wordlist
    contains the letters the checking word does

    then checks the length of the current
    word and the checking word
function findanagram(word) {
temp.wordlist getwordlist();
temp.matches "";
temp.currentword wordlist) {
temp.cword uppercase(currentword);
temp.word2 uppercase(word);
// Checking 
for(temp.0cword.length(); i++) {
      if (
word2.pos(cword.charat(i)) > -1@= "y";
@= "n";
    if (
y.pos("n") == -1) { // Checking purposes
temp.locw cword.trim().length(); // length of currentword (for loop)
temp.low word2.trim().length(); // length of word (params)
if (locw == low) {// if length of both comparing words are the same
if (currentword != wordmatches @= currentword @", ";
  if (
matches.length() > 0) { 
// Edit this to return the wordlist used
function getwordlist() {
  return list;

And you need to set maxlooplimit if your wordlist count is higher then the loop limit :o

Edit getwordlist() at the bottom to return the wordlist used. I used a wordlist which I uploaded to temp (if anyone wants to try with that I can rar it and attach, but you might need to edit it (graal doesn't like to loop through 317k words )) :O

And.. don't hurt me if this isn't a good anagram finder
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