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Originally Posted by Inverness View Post
When you buy a Mac you accept the responsibility that you are not a priority when it comes to game developers.

So stop whining about it and get BootCamp or so.

I'm sure Stefan is quite aware of the plight of Mac users, but its just not a priority to him. External scripted windows are a better universal solution that external applications so that is what he is doing.

You might get a more strait-forward response from Stefan if you simply sent him a forum PM with your main point. If Stefan responds in the negative then it should be over then.
Windows is not an option

So? Of course he's aware, he can read, right? It's the fact that he knows and still does nothing. He's in the best position to release a Mac level editor, having already made a Windows one, and would have many algorithms already completed.
Originally Posted by LoneAngelIbesu View Post
I'm not 100/o sure about this, but wouldn't it be possible to create .NW files from a GUI (aka, scripted level editor), then save it to /scriptfiles/ or something? You wouldn't be editing levels on a server, though. You'd just be drawing on a GUI that would convert what you've drawn in to the .NW format. If that's possible, then you wouldn't need to be staff to use a scripted level editor, or even a scripted GANI editor.
Yeah, it would be possible. Of course, you're still relying on gscript an an internet connection
I used to like to edit levels when I had internet downtime.
Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
I know Zero (zokemon) plans on trying to get his added to the client so it opens when you press F4, and if you are staff, you can edit the server's levels. Otherwise, you can save to your hard disk.
Oh yeah, I heard about that...
2 years ago.
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