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Originally Posted by DustyPorViva View Post
I like how it seems to be only GST that support scripted tools.
Because they took a part in making it.
Like how that play you did in second grade was the ****, but when you watch the video later, you ask why so many people fell off the stage.
Originally Posted by Skyld View Post
That's 'cause we actually care to properly weigh the benefits of them. I've said time and time over if there are big problems with the Scripted RC, to post it in the thread. How else are we meant to know?
I could not use them on my school network, they're that slow and therefore, useless.
I'm getting so tired of people telling me how great they are. I abandoned a game because it was so difficult to use the tools. They gui for them is alright, but the speed was terrible because of a) No intel client, and b), bad connection.
I haven't done any dev since then, because I CAN'T without a staff position.
So, here's the pros and cons:
External one: use any time, no lag, no internet connection, no staff possition needed, could be cross platform if done right,
Scripted one: lag, depends on internet connection, you must be staff to use, cross platform

Which one is better

Stop being so biased. I had no reason to dislike the scripted one. I was like "finally, progress!". But when I tried to use it, I became disgusted, and, eventually, quit Graal for a while, and developing altogether.

But I'm sure I was just imagining that.
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