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Originally Posted by Novo View Post
Mac requires a native RC.

Virtualizing Windows to use the native RC is way too resource-hogging for a portable. In all dimensions: Disk Space, CPU, and Memory. My system goes to a sluggish speed in these cases. Backing up things is also near impossible (communications from mother os to virtualized os is difficult)

In-game client-rc is immensely slow... And I have time to write an entire line of code before I see the beginning of the line start to form. If I do a typo, I have to move the cursor to the point of interest to work, because waiting for the cursor to finish changing is too long. Also, it was badly designed for user experience. Backing up things is impossible.

Alternatives are to abandon Mac, which I have no interest in doing.
Other alternative is to abandon Graal

Don't hold your breath. People have been asking for a Mac RC, Gani editor, and, most of all, level editor, for years, despite the fact that Apple has a site dedicated to Graal
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