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graal's problem is when someone sees a screen shot it doesn't seem worth paying for so potential customers move on. then when you limit the very few people that are willing to try the game they quickly get bored and leave. they then go buy a subscription to a 3d game or real MMO instead of graal. the price for the game could be lowered or perhaps trials could play for free but have ads in their client that appear at the bottom and top of their screen and periodically change, that would ensure views so you would make some money instead of none at all, other restrictions would exist also (perhaps a limit for trials on each server).

simply put graal in its current state isn't worth paying for in my opinion and if cyberjoueurs thinks so they are mistaken. graal simply cannot compete with the MMOs of today, it looks like cyberjoueurs is simply trying to suck every dollar they can out of people before the game dies.
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