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*Do you have a gold subscription?
Ofcourse i got one.
*Why do you want the position?
I want to do something new graal. I sometimes make news on servers but it's smaller.
I also LOVE reading. Well sometimes in a book if its needed to but rather find information on the internet.
I want to share stuff that's goin on in the UC servers out in public.
*Why would you be the best person for the position?
I would be the best person because I am active.
I know much about Graal.
I do not often fight with other players Grail.
I also think that I will do very well.
I will at least do my best.
*Do you have any relevant experience with writing news?
Yes on servers but that's way smaller.
*Do you have any experience using the wikipedia engine (MediaWiki or other).
Yes. Well it's kinda getting personal.
Im on a engineers school.
We got small asignments of uhm like Da Vinci.
For getting knowledge about it I rather search on internet than look in a book.
So 9 of the 10 times i see Wikipedia and it's handy to use it to.
*Previous staff positions on Graal (optional).
My own server.
Many servers ive been LAT.
*Other information you want to add.
I rather try stuff myself before i ask stuff. You'll get a headache.
*References from previous or current staff positions (optional).
Yeh like i said i own my own server.
But i can pick 4-5 hours of my day to check the people's UC servers.

Sorry if it's bad english.

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