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Originally Posted by Admins View Post
My 2 cents:
Please play and develope for Graal if you have fun with it, don't get a headache by making weird business proposals. We know ourself that the best way to make money with Graal would be to take some successful server, stop development, making it Flash or so, and make tons of advertising (advertising for and in the game). But that wouldn't be Graal. The interesting part of Graal is that the players can take part, can submit their own graphics for heads, become FAQ, get RC, make their own server, work on interesting projects. We currently have a clear plan for Graal, that is releasing v6 in the near future to make the game run fast and bring a lot of new possibilities for players and developers. But we know that Graal will not make us rich, we are happy if the subscriptions can pay for the costs of running it. That's why we take the opportunities and try to expand into other areas, including iPhone and mobile devices where the future of computing and gaming lies, and use our experience with online game.

intrepend it how you want
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