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Originally Posted by TalonShriner View Post
Players using Observer mode on my server are getting messed up. Our GUI apparently covers half of their screen while some of the vital flags and weapons aren't being added to the player. X_x

Instead of Observer mode, we should take the KISS approach: Keep It Simple Stupid. Trial players would have half a month of saved free play that includes Gold Servers, Classic Servers and Hosted Servers. This way, they can find which kind of server they like the best, test it out for a reasonable amount of time then finally be pulled back out of the game and asked if they would like to sign-up for a full account. No Observer Mode. No Ghost Mode. Just a genuine, full-bodied Graal experience. And if/when they sign-up for their desired subscription, they get to continue where they left off when they were in trial mode.

Any takers? Eh? Eh?
good ideas but Unixmad won't take it i bet, I really like it, but what if the trial says no? eh? eh? eh? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH? EH?

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