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Originally Posted by alexandralove View Post
No game can be ultimate, because a game cannot have everything and all what different people like.
i'm glad to see you read what i posted. look at the italics in the second paragraph

Originally Posted by kia345 View Post
Not allow anyone with below 10 rep on the forums to access it. Require an application be filled out before you're able to playerchat or send PMs, judging your IQ and personality. You need to purchase a license (along with another test) to mass.
i think this is a good idea. when i was thinking up server ideas one thing i had was that at the beginning you would be asked a series of questions based on the rules of the server, and if you got one wrong or picked one of the wrong answers you were automatically banned, since they were all common sense answers - thus if you broke the servers rules after answering those questions, you were banned since you obviously knew the rules well enough to answer questions based on it

Originally Posted by CABAL49 View Post
First of all it would have Pojo. If it has to be repetitive grinding, then at least have some exciting combat.
what is pojo? i'm not familiar with who/what that is. also i find grinding to be horribly boring; how could it be made exciting? no game so far has made me interested in grinding out NPCs for long periods of time

Originally Posted by fowlplay4 View Post
It should have dragons, dolphins, roller coasters, planes, and mini-golf.
it's interesting that you post something like this because it's very symbolic of what graal used to have to offer players. what drew me into graal besides the zelda part was that it was a game that had no direct direction on how you could play it, whether it be PKing, sparring, developing, becoming staff, role playing as a furry thief, riding a roller coaster through a medieval forest - whatever it was you could make it happen on a server
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