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Era short ET application

Send to [email protected]
Subject line "ET Application, (youraccountname)

all others will be ignored. Trials need not apply

1. Account/community name (include Graal#)
2. Timezone.
3. previous jail/ban history (will be checked up on, don't lie.)

4. Hours available to host per week.
5. Why we should hire you, and not someone else.
6. Any previous ET experience, on any server

Please be aware that ETs are required to follow all ET rules and host for at least 7 hours per week, or face removal.

a guide on how to host, and the rules, can be found here
You'd be jaded by now, too.
Don't listen to me. Arguments are beyond me, but man am I good with a ban hammer.

"I don't believe that right choice confers immunity. I no longer believe in reward. I simply believe that choices must be made regardless of their chances of success. And so I've come here."
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take my liver but not my classic accounts
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That's the type of guy you are. Never wrong, always right. Headache material you are.
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