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Originally Posted by Googi
While reading a thread Koni posted in the playerworlds forum, I came to the conclusion that 2K1 is finished. It has nothing to do with management, staff, scripts or levels. It's because we lost our appeal. Nobody wants the stuff that 2K1 is offering anymore. People don't want PK-RPing anymore. They want to either RP completely and totally or just fight in lawless guild wars. People don't want an simple economy, they want either 2K2 or Unholy Nation. There are bomies, but nobody wanted or will want to play as them. It doesn't matter if Kamuii, Zurkiba, Tseng or even Kaimetsu is managing 2K1. 2K1 can't come back in any form in which it would still be 2K1 and be successful in today's Graal.

So yeah, I'm giving up on 2K1. Anybody left who still believes in it?
You have changed my outlook on G2k1. You have removed the naive veils placed over my eyes. I finally see the light.

Past the overdramatics, I would have to agree.
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