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Originally Posted by shrimps View Post
This probably wouldn't work, too many people would troll/pollute the system, like the support center, too much trash goes in there it just clogs the system and it doesn't get used.
We can both agree that the support center isn't really focused on by the staff. Also a lot of things doesn't get used in the support center because let's be honest. A lot of it was like to much hard work. You get the drift? To lazy to implement.

Option 1: Staff members get the vote instead of the public. Depending on the votes & feedback or however it's done. Then PWA confirm it and make it happen.

Option 2: PWA take notes of what manager they appointed promised they would achive. After a certain time period, PWA get's back online and asks to be provided the following work they had promised. If not delivered, they get removed. Voting system is then introudced within (staff team). Staff team vote as anonymous (ofcourse). Outcome= new manager.. They deliver their ideas to PWA then same again.

I can guranatee you that a lot more work will be delivered due to the constant pressure. That's how successful teams function. They need pressure, without pressure what is their to worry about? They can work at their own pace (exactly what has been happening for to long).
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