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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
A whole guild for pooper to kiss ass to.

I think Cyan said this in a much easier way in the post before you.

Either way

1 Tigairius Graal Admin :As if he's not busy enough already, and whats with the title?
2 Xor Xor Playerworld Administration :uh...has he done anything except continue to work with zodiac?
3 Bell Bell Playerworld Administration :yay....owait you dunt develop.
4 TSAdmin TSAdmin Playerworld Administration oes he still play graal? Havent seen him in ever.
5 Vulcan Vulcan Advanced Development :doesnt really touch graal...really shady...
6 fowlplay4 fowlplay4 Scripting :very busy with zodiac, willing to bet he'll answer questions rather than dev.
7 Elk Elk Graphics :I'm 99.9 percent sure elk will make no contribution at all to anything unless paid.
I don't know about Vulcan, but Bell said the PWA were added by default because they are administrating the team.
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