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Tig's Post:

"The globals and Stefan?" We are constantly listening to your opinions. What gives you any right to tell us how to do our jobs? What gives you any right to tell Stefan and unixmad how to run their game? You are a customer. You are a player. They are business owners. They can run their business however they want to.
You don't have any idea what you're talking about. "Globals thought they can handle things on their own," when we haven't even had a "sit down" discussion about that plan yet. Please, before you go on and start denouncing all globals maybe you should consider that these decisions take time, and making big decisions like this requires a "go ahead" from everyone. It's not something that can be done over night.
We as players should give our constructive criticism in regards to a Game's condition. We as players should give our constructive criticism towards a Game's management. A complaint is what any customer is entitled to because it shows dissatisfaction towards the product. Most companies offer satisfaction policies while we are on the aspect of how they run their business. No one can deny the game's quality has been deteriorating within the recent years, and it surely isn't because some people are getting older and quit. It's because there's nothing to satisfy people anymore.

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