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Originally Posted by evilchaseofdoom View Post
I think Zodiac's problem is the lack of Development Staff.
I also think new classes should be added more frequently, i'm not interested in any of the current choices besides Battlechanter.
About new classes, that wouldn't fix anything either. The server has it's basics (leveling, items, classes, and obtaining of items), but it's just been expanding on those for the past few years and needs some newness in a different field. As PoJo said earlier most of the buildings on the Gmap are empty, and unless they have a cave/dungeon the inside ones are useless. There's even a entire island (as big as the main) that is inaccessible. And there's a severe lack of ideas when it comes to new skills, they all do one of a few things (bind, stun, damage, or enhance). These are wide categories, but in my opinion (and I've said this before) the entire skill setup should be reworked, Zodiac should be more than just pressing the same 3 buttons and laughing at unavoidable long range binds or damage.

And about development, I totally agree. I proposed a few fresh and totally doable ideas to a few of the development staff members and they said it involved too much work...

Originally Posted by kia345 View Post
Lol, noob.

Originally Posted by xnervNATx View Post
releasing new weapons for lower level players is a good idea, more leeching weapons like hedgebane and halloweve would be a good thing.
Well, at least one serious answer in this post... they aren't needed. Hedgebane and Hallowseve go level 0-60, what are you implying?

Why would you need lower level weapons when you just use those two and get to level 60 in a matter of 3-4 hours? Also unless you're level 60 and cmped your character won't be useful for anything. You're ludicrous to claim that new weapons in any way would fix the server.

Originally Posted by BigBear3 View Post
PoJo and his stupid, hip internet acronyms.
Lol, noob.

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