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Originally Posted by Programmer View Post
I just recently spoke with Stefan, and from what both me and Tenchry understand, Zone PC is very likely to be shut down or merged with iEra (meaning Zone will become just a minigame within Era), despite updates that I may add. That means any work that I do is likely to be deleted. With this in mind, I am not sure whether I should continue with the restoration of Zone.

Apparently to Stefan, Zone is a lost cause and is slated for removal x.x
will not be great to see zone taken down, but what i dont get is this.

surely if stefan plans on shutting down pc zone, there would be no harm in him atleast trying the suggestions you put forward reguarding the gelat shop.
if it does work, then zone may come back and stefan will make money. if it dosent then theres no loss.

i really dont see the reasoning behing not even attempting changes to zones gelat shop when quite clearly, it ruins zone and is unused.

stefan should give you absolute control over everything to do with zone before he decides to remove it. i would think its in his best interest.
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