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Originally Posted by Thrashsoul3 View Post
Its very helpful, WoW uses the test server for new versions and they don't have any major bugs when patches are released.
I know Stardock applications show beta versions and allow you to try them out and report any serious issues as well. However it does not ask you if you want to download beta versions, as you have to tell your stardock to download them.

Originally Posted by Admins View Post
What major bugs are you speaking of ? The blue color of the task bar ? This version has been tested a lot. Each new version has a few problems, although most things people don't like right now can already be customized. We also welcome players to post their suggestions for things they wish to have in the next version.
Was actually suggesting the VIP accounts or something of that sort be beta testers. Mostly because you cannot test every situation yourself, and it is always nice to get other points of views on things. It is not just the developers point of veiw then, but atleast a small percent of your player/client base that can add ideas for you to work on and debug. Doing so would prevent most all of these players from getting so upset over something like the player list.
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