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Talking Dev MorzanLaviz HIRING

Dev MorzanLaviz HIRING
The Atlas Spire
Who are we?

We are a street themed rpg server, With a fully working gun system, shop system and various other systems. Work your way up from the bottom to a CEO of the most elite crime syndicate!

Our Application
Hello, and welcome. Do you play playerworlds and are interested in becoming apart of a staff team on a Dev server? Well you've come to the right place.

We are currently hiring: SFX, GFX, LAT, DEVELOPER, and SCRIPTING.

If you think you qualify for any of these positions, then please fill out ALL questions below: (Don't lie in your application as it may get you fired)

1) How old are you
2) What is your Graal name
3) Tell us what languages you know, and what your level is like in those languages.
4) What position are you applying for? (Example: SFX, GFX, LAT, DEVELOPER, SCRIPTER)
5) What is your experience with this position
6) In detail, tell us why we should hire you.

If you need any more info/help, send me an email @ [email protected]

Thank you.

Goodluck to all applicants!!
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