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Unholy Nation from a staff member's point of view.

I think will probably have a negative effect on my position, but still feel this needs to be said. My fellow staff members on Unholy Nation are possibly the laziest, disinterested, and self-centered people I have ever worked with. There's 40 people on the staff list, 1 of those is an Uploader, 4 of those are part of the FAQ team, 6 of them members of the Events Team, and 9 of them are GPs. That is the PR side, half of the team, but it's still only 20/40. What are the other 20 members of staff doing? The developers? The managers? The people in charge of the server and its content? This isn't exactly hot news, but they're doing nothing at all.

The server has boasted for a while that its holiday events are the things to be around for. When it came to December nothing was planned. When it came to mid-December, people were reasoning that there was a lack of developers on the server. Now I've just gone over the staff list again, and with 5 people having the title of "Developer" amongst the other members of the development team, you might wonder just how many developers it takes to get content out on this server. Days went by and nothing was done. In the end it came down to myself and Door, members of the PR team trying to get content released. Apparently trying to get help from the development team was like pulling teeth however, and a lot of help was sought from developers that we knew rather than people "working" on the server. Not everyone was above doing their jobs however, both GK and especially Jazz helped out a lot, but that's still only 2/20.

The quest didn't get finished in time, but the presents system did. Jazz rescripted it all and I spoke to a lot of the graphics community left on Graal, and got a lot of new content made to put in the presents. Players did enjoy the system, but in my eyes, it simply wasn't enough. Nothing big is usually done on New Years Eve, maybe a hat or two, but again those were made by people outside of the staff team and employed by Jazz. Now I don't expect everyone to drop all of their work in favor of holiday events. They're short term side-projects, and they're things that the players have came to expect. When nobody is working on anything however, you expect them to do something, but it's all left for a member of the Events Team to direct?

We have these deep-rooted staff who nobody will remove, because for some reason they are respected and treated like Gods of the server. That means they can get away with doing nothing, or rather, doing whatever they like whenever they feel like it. Other people who actually do their jobs are expected to *****foot around, struggling to get the rights to do their actual job. That also includes members of the PR Team.

Now it's January and there are no projects planned for the future. I'm sure someone will disagree with this and come up with things off the top of their head, but there really is none. Management here is terrible, both Manager and Admin, but because people think there's no one on the staff team that could "handle" the position it looks like it's going to be a struggle to replace. Someone really needs to cut this horrible cycle of UN MANAGERS WHO DO THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER and get someone from outside of the staff team with the right ideas, motivation, and support. Only then will the server start to see some positive changes.
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Seriously, you have ****-all for content and you're not exactly pulling in new developer talent, angling for prestigious titles should be your last concern.