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Originally Posted by Googi View Post
Them not playing is better than them playing just as trials. Trials playing costs Graal money due to bandwidth consumption.

Wrong. I checked yesterday and it was about 50/50. Generally speaking, the trial/gold ratio is low when the playercount is low and high when the playercount is 30+.
just because there is 50 percent of the people on that are trial at one point in time... does not mean that all of that percent is not gonna upgrade...

GK is only allowed so much bandwith for so many dollars. it's not like he has to pay more when there are 30 people on, then when there is 5 people on. When you pay for bandwith you don't pay as you go. you buy a maximum... and GK can hold 100+ people.. I haven't seen 100+ people on sice jagen and lance got fired.

so your wrong! until we get enough beople to reach the maximum bandwith... then it costs him nothing...

Edit** The playercount was at 23. there was still only a 21 percent ratio of trial/gold. still waiting to see 50 percent.

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