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Originally Posted by Googi View Post
I know because I keep an eye on new players coming into the server and whether or not they're trial or gold. Obviously the only ones capable of keeping an actual accurate record of new subscriptions is the top Graal administration themselves, and they don't release the records (and you already knew this). However, that there has been no substantial increase in new gold players can be pretty much inferred from the failure of the server playercount to rise and the pretty dismal (often 50/50 or even higher) trial/gold playercount split on the server.

ok then they need to release more items for more players... aparently it isn't hurting the cashflow at all as you said it's about the same... give or take a few.

Originally Posted by Twinny View Post
They are as intangible as your sources
I was just making sure he wasn't pulling this out of his ass. lol He gave a good explanation. If he didn't know what he was talking about he wouldn't have given as detailed of info. Which makes it believable... but not fact.
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