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Originally Posted by Rufus View Post
Doesn't matter if I'm putting any "effort" in or not; I am also put off from posting because of the depraved substance of every single thread. However, you will not see me constantly ****ting up the forums with annoying spam and the complaining about how bad things have turned out. That would make me a stupid hypocrite.
Hm, maybe I am a 'stupid hypocrite' in some eyes. It's more a matter of me speaking my mind, although I might get carried away at times making it appear as spam, it comes from a place of care for the game and community as opposed to trying to plague the forums with negativity and pessimism.

It does matter if you put any 'effort' in or not. It makes you look like a cynical, arrogant and critisizing (...) who stands behind the field lines in the crowd pointing at all the flaws of those who are in the field trying to make something for the better.
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