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Originally Posted by xXziroXx View Post
I don't really know about Deas, but I wouldn't consider myself remotely close to being overwhelmed with work or feeling burnt out. I had a shitty project (ships) that's pretty much behind me soon, and once it is, I'm sure I'll be able to pump out updates as long as they're assigned to me.

Overall though, I agree with the points brought up. It's a bit silly to have to pay 19€ for a clan. I'm a firm believe of making all content available to all players on equal terms, but then having non-gamebreaking bonuses that can be purchased. As you can imagine from that, not really a fan of the gear barrels either, but I don't mind those as much given the current state of how hard it is for anyone to gear up from scratch on GK, which is one of many things I hope to eventually address.
Well, I was more implying that there are more-or-less bursts of production. People will do some work, then not be available for a few weeks or months, then again, ect. The last 3 assignments I had 2 of them got finished by someone else while I was working on the first one. And then after discovering errors that were not fixable thru those methods asked to move it to sql. But aside from just using the 'default' database. I have no rights to the serveroptions to add another. And getting nico to do that, well good luck. He is just on a different timezone then me so I am either going to bed right before he wakes up or waking up while he's at work. And myself at work when he is available. So his responses are always "later". Getting work assigned, and being able to communicate him is rather difficult since I am on Eastern Standard Time and work a 2nd shift (2pm - 10pm) job. Even with my 7-10 hour a day spent on graal it's impossible to see him.
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