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Re: Poor Jimmy!

Originally posted by Mithica_Admin2
I think it's time that I tell the story of Jimmy.... It's a sad tale, but nevertheless one that I think needs to be heard. It's a timeless story of truth and enlightenment that I hope will change your life, much as it did mine.

Jimmy was a mere lad of eleven years when the drug lord known only as "The Green Rooster" approached him outside his home in Nantucket, Nebraska. The Rooster was not friendly, and those were no ordinary cornflakes.. NO! It was the highly addictive street-drug called "Corn-Crack." That was the first day of the rest of Jimmy's all-too-short life.

After that it was only a matter of time before Jimmy was surfing the web and buying artistically crafted "Corn-crackers." He said he was just collecting them, but mom and dad knew better. So did I. I hoped Jimmy would see, but he just couldn't...

After a point, Jimmy's addiction grew and grew until cracking corn was his whole life. He spent every paycheck on more "C-C" and cracked all damn night until his gums bled and he could no longer take the pain. That was when I sat down with him and had 'the talk.'

"Jimmy," I said. "I think it's time you stopped cracking corn. It's ruining your life and I can't sit idly by while you hurt this family again and again. That rooster isn't your friend Jimmy. He's taking you for everything you have. I know it's hard, but you have to break free. It's now or never, Sonny-Jim. Either you put down that corn cracking device and get yourself clean, or you walk out that door and never come back."

Jimmy left that day. He left in anger. That night he overdosed on corn-crack. The doctor's tried to remove the shells from in between his teeth, but they were only human. No miraculous healing. No close call. Jimmy was gone.

The next time you hear yourself saying "Jimmy, crack corn. I sure as hell don't care!" think about it... It's too late for Jimmy, but there are so many others that you could help save.

...For I am Sigla

**Side note - The "Green Rooster" was caught, and convicted of drug trafficking and sale of corn-crack to a minor without a prescription. He is currently serving out his 52.3 year sentence on the boxcover of the popular cereal known as "Happy Flakes O' Corn."**
You think people are actually gunna read that? Maybe a few but I sure ain't gunna waste my time.
Farewell graalians...
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