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Do you have a gold subscription?

Why do you want the position?
To help new players adjust to GK and older players who need help. Also to try to fill in the timezone gaps where FAQs aren't online or on tag. I already do my best to help as it is, a tag would be nice.

Why would you be the best person for the position?
Save for price checks, i've played GK since 2003 and have more than a fair amount of knowledge about how the game works. I could be on pretty frequently especially during the summer where i'm not in college.

Do you have any relevant experience with FAQ work?
I've worked as an FAQ/PR briefly on Zodiac before, and have had experience answering questions and aiding players for years on GK without having an official title especially while being Governor..

Additional information you'd like us to know
I can be on during peak hours in most instances, and during updates/major events to aid players on what

References from kingdom leaders, gk staff members, or managers/admins of other server may help but are not required.
Naithaniel (Gothika)

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