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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
Nice signature.

True, but Graal Ghetto isn't just the same 'genre', it's almost an exact clone.

For example, RPG servers like Graal Kingdoms and Zodiac are quite different.
You like it? I'm about to change it to a grandma kicking a baby. I wonder if I'll get another signature violation for that xD

I got bored one Saturday, so I started looking on some Development Servers. Not were only 95 percent trying to become modern, or are a modern server, I'm starting to hate guns now. 5 percent were just all stolen content from (You know who) and think they're getting hosted. The last 10 percent actually had good ideas, like cheap rip offs of runescape, and maplestory. Well, at least we have some people using their heads.
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