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Originally Posted by cbk1994 View Post
You contradict yourself; we already have Era, why do we need another modern server. Then, you say that more modern servers should be allowed to go classic.
I might have confused you, but what I mean is that.
With the current rules, Vesporia and all other modern servers are going to have a hard time getting to the Classic tab.
It's almost impossible to go to the classic tab.

We need to change the rules! Why do we only need "one of a kind" servers?
If we had a lot of servers on the classic tab list, then there would be more competition between the servers. More progress would be made on all the servers, players will have a lot of things to do.
The weakest will fail, the strongest will succeed.
Why not remove a server from the Classic tab list if it constantly have a 0 playercount?
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