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sorry i never even noticed that . but can you tell me how to do the new type of script for the problem im having ?
PHP Code:
this.rights.lastcheckedmoisture "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedtempature "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedconditions "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedwindconditions "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedwaterlevel "this.hour";

i just need this to set the last hour the different part's were checked to set flag's that will be used durring the time out that will check to see if the current time minus the last time it was checked equal's the time param's set between check's . if you can follow that .

ill try to better explain . the first flag's set are the ones that tell the script how many hour's to wait untill checking or changeing a certain weather condition . the following flags are those .
PHP Code:
this.rights.timeconditions "3";
this.rights.timemoisture "2";
this.rights.timetempature "1";
this.rights.timewaterlevel "6";
this.rights.timewindconditions "4"
the next set of flags are the ones that change each time the weather condition's are checked and possable changed . that's why this has been so important couse i wont be able to start working out the bug's till i get time established .
PHP Code:
 this.rights.lastcheckedmoisture "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedtempature "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedconditions "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedwindconditions "this.hour";
this.rights.lastcheckedwaterlevel "this.hour"
now when you take "time for checks" and add it to the "last checked time" if you have the current time you do another check . but that can be done more then one way i believe . like if you take the "current time" and subtract the "time required" and get the last checked time, do another check .
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