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ok on the first hand , thank's . i dont know about switches , case and break command's , i have seen them used but i myself dont know them . not saying my script isnt organized but it is alot more organzed then some ive seen . mainly by the structure of it (meaning it's all clean and easy to read) . but no one has answered my question about the time checker . just setting the flag to the value of "hour" isnt working , not even "this.hour" . some of the flag's have the same value but there is reasoning behind it . each season has a different set of possable condition's . some may be the same but im not trying to complicate it so i made all different string's . some may have the same value as other's but not all of them . keep in mind that im still working on figureing out the new gscript . ive learned what i can by looking at other script's and seeing how they made thing's happen . but there are still thing's i havent seen used yet or havent figured out how to use or how they work yet . but thank's to everyone for their assistance .
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