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Give me some feed back zone. No flaming it just makes u look stupid on my interwebs.

Snowball Rifle (re colored re shaded and re sized) With and without new park.
Name:  snowgunbraccabwoy.png
Views: 187
Size:  7.7 KBName:  snowgunbraccabwoy1.png
Views: 193
Size:  6.0 KBName:  snowgunbraccabwoy2.png
Views: 194
Size:  5.9 KB

Candy Sword
Name:  candy sword.png
Views: 212
Size:  7.7 KB

Snowballs (work like cake)
Name:  snowballs.png
Views: 211
Size:  4.7 KB

Candy Duel pistols (RE colored RE shaded and got kemo for the cancer)
Name:  candygunbraccabwoy1.png
Views: 193
Size:  5.4 KBName:  candygunbraccabwoy2.png
Views: 191
Size:  5.3 KBName:  candygunbraccabwoy3.png
Views: 188
Size:  5.5 KBName:  candygunbraccabwoy4.png
Views: 187
Size:  5.5 KB

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