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I just wanted to post on here because we haven't in a while. We are still working on this server slowly. My son was recently born, so of course I don't have as much time as I did before he was atm, but progress is still going.

So far, it seems we have baddies working mostly well. There are 2 different ones right now. NPCs walk around as well. I've also finished up the base skills besides refining one of them to work better.

We are still going through the windows for the menus. We still have a few to make. Not all of them will function off the bat because they work into systems that aren't made yet, but they will pop up and you can stare at them.

After the menu is completed we'll be moving on to the new chat system, mail, and finishing up the map.

Levels are going smoothly and the main island is getting to the town being created now.

Hopefully we can have some sort of preview before Christmas and open this server up with the main functions and floating island completed. Not a promise, but that's a goal we're shooting for. I'm hoping, at the least, we'll have some more screenshots and I'll finally make a damn video of some stuff you can do.
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