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I voted "It will continue to die slowly, people need to move on and stop chasing the past."

I don't agree with the second part of the sentence, and the owners can definitely fix it, but I think they choose not to.

I'm not mixing iPod or Facebook up with PC either.. PC is dieing, iPod has a good chance depending on management of the servers, and of course I have no clue about Facebook. But the farther out the owners move onto new things, the less they will do for PC.. And I haven't seen them really do anything for PC in a looong while. :]

I wouldn't doubt they would raise prices on iPod too later on, and I don't feel facebook will be all that great.. It is probably as free as any other game that wants money gives you special money to buy certain things others cannot get. I'm not saying it wont be as good as most of Graal is now though. I also believe there will be more adults which makes me happy. <- also a bigger paying community for the owners. >.>

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