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Originally Posted by darksage15 View Post
Get ready to delete it because people don't like huge changes that change gameplay on Zone z.z
Have you seen Zone's playercount compared to years in the past? A gameplay change would be GOOD.
Originally Posted by Beowolf View Post
I agree with you zeru , that a good idea but she can't be able at Zone server because many noobs if their medkits finished they gonna run to heal there self and that its bad
Funny, because it's not like 25 percent of the server got fed up with a bunch of lamers just jet packing away, healing, and coming right back at within a few seconds to kill you and quit, amirite. (Sarcasm)

If people had to RUN to a healer, and be frozen in that position while they heal, I'd prefer this rather than an instant heal and "Oh, I'll rush back out and kill him. ipwn!!"

Originally Posted by alexandralove View Post

But it could start to regen like if you kill someone (auto-regen after one kill, or maybe a little heal?)
A kill = a little regen or something, that'd be nice. Oh wait, who's gonna script?
Originally Posted by Darkdemon452 View Post
wow I'm by Sean and Tench...How unlucky can you get?
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