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I'm using a laptop which is running Windows 7, 32 bit. I haven't changed any settings, nor the program compatibility or anything like that.
  • When moving using the I, J, K, and L keys, if you hold down Ctrl or Alt and let go of your movement key, it will continue to walk in the direction that you were walking towards.

  • You can't walk and do an emoticon that is animated, only those that aren't.

  • The default "font height" on both the Graal 5 and Graal 6 clients is "24" but there is a notable difference in size. In addition to this, the text in the Graal 6 client isn't in bold like the other previous versions. [Graal 5] [Graal 6]

  • 'Special' characters that showed previously are now being replaced. [Graal 5] [Graal 6]

  • Maximizing to full screen messes up the screen. Ctrl, Alt and Delete and opening a program that disables visual themes also achieves this. These don't happen on my Graal 5 client, though a little error does pop up when I do Ctrl, Alt and Delete.

  • I use UDP (have the option unchecked) on the Graal 5 client, have my router forwarded correctly, and see people walking around fine. On the Graal 6 client I can't see anyone move who also uses UDP, even though I'm using the exact same settings.
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Seriously, you have ****-all for content and you're not exactly pulling in new developer talent, angling for prestigious titles should be your last concern.

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